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TERF CD's; Printing the Plans


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Hi, all.


First off, sorry if I've posted to the wrong area; I wasn't sure which forum was most appropriate for this topic.


Anyhow...I bought a copy of the TERF CD's and would like to print out the Long-EZ plans and the Section II engine installation plans so I can write in all the plans changes from the Canard Pushers. Can anyone tell me what size paper the original LEZ plans and section II are printed on, and if there are any scaling issues that I need to be aware of.





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This is a problem in the UK - it's almost impossible to get non A4/series paper sizes. I solved the problem for the printed text by simply shrinking to fit A4 (this is simple on Linux with the pdf2ps and psresize commands). I will print the templates onto A3 if/when I need them - wasteful but there aren't that many.


I reckoned the paper was 'legal' but I cant confirm this. The good thing about printing pdfs is that they don't normally rescale unless you ask them to. They just chop bits off of the edges.


But I second the question about rescaling issues - is there any good way to check the metal templates for size?

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