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Elevator Hinge Plates Corroded


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I have been working on my VariEZe ( rebuild ) project On-and-Off for the past 3 years.

Everything is stored on the side of my house, under a covered roof.


This weekend, an inspection of the canard reveled significant corrosion on the Elevator Hinge Plates. The plates were painted (prior to my purchase) and the corrosion took it’s toll on the plates under the paint. I could clean it up, put I think I would be hard pressed to find someone who could give me an accurate number as to how much is too much ? as it pertained to the depth of the corrosion.


I checked the plans, and a repair looks very do-able by cutting out the old plates ( I am thinking with a small cutting wheel ) and floxing in a new set of plates.


The problem is, where do I get the new plates ? The Long EZ plates don’t appear to be the same.


Additionally, any feedback from anyone that may have made a similar repair would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you, I will include pictures on my next post.



VariEZe N297TV

Miami, Fl.

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Post some pictures - some corrosion may be acceptable, depending on amount/depth/severity/type.


If replacing the hinge arms, yes, the currently-available inserts (made by the Cozy Girrls) are for the Roncz canard, and are not the same parts as were used on the original "GU" canard.


Overall, it may be prudent to simply replace the hinge arms, especially if there is any chance that corrosion has propagated into the areas beneath the flox potting in the canard. Unless I was sure that whatever corrosion I had was limited totally to the exposed sections, AND could be blended out without detirmental effect to the strength, I'd replace the hinge arms.


If removing the existing hinge arms, a Rotozip-type bit used in a Dremel tool, carefully used around the periphery where the hinge arm is floxed into the canard, is a good way to remove the flox. I've done this as part of the installation of a new set of elevators on another gent's purchased VariEze - the hinge axis of the original elevators (along with their being incorrectly shaped, too heavy, and out of balance) was all over the place. With the new elevators constructed and the hinge axis correct, the hinge arms in the canard required replacement. Using a Rotozip bit and carefully working around the hinge arms, removing a little depth of flox per pass, was the way to go.


You may check around on the various forums in your quest for a set of hinge arms - refer to the plans for the correct part number. With the advent of the Roncz canard for the Long-EZ back in the mid-80s, there are bound to be some builders who have the hinge arms for the GU canard, that are unused.


As part of the pre-installation of such metal parts into a composite airframe, after the "bonding" areas of such parts are scuffed with 220 grit sandpaper (as detailed in the plans), treatment with Alodine 1200 or 1201 (the "gold" tinting Alodine, or equivalent), is prescribed.


Hope this helps.


-Joe Person

EAA Tech Counselor 4418

VariEze N79JN

Bothell, WA (KPAE)

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Thank you for the reply, your advice and direction is very much appreciated.


I don’t know how much of a design difference there is between the original plates, the Roncz plates, and the Long EZ elevator plates, but I plan on comparing them to ensure they are compatible prior to replacing the corroded ones.


If I can’t find a set of original replacement plates. I can have a set Water-Jet cut near my home airport, for a modest price. Obviously the Cozy Girl ones would be optimal if they fit.


I will add some photos as the repair progresses, thanks again for the input.



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I am pretty sure all of the Varieze design had the GU canard. The cozy girls only make parts for the Ronce canard none of those parts are interchangeable. Take the old parts out and copy them. I could probably make you a set if you get desperate since you have the plans. STeve build on

Steve Harmon

Lovin Life in Idaho

Cozy IV Plans #1466 N232CZ


Working on Chapter 19,21

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The hinge arms for the Roncz canard are dimensionally different from those for the GU canard, and could not be used in place of the hinge arms for the GU canard. GU hinge arms are GU hinge arms - it does not matter whether they were originally procured for a VariEze or a Long-EZ, as both airplanes used the GU canard, until the Roncz canard was developed for the Long-EZ in the mid-80s.


Keep checking around, and I do suspect you will be able to find a set, unused, as I previously noted. Check/ask on the ez.org site, as well as the canard aviators group on Yahoo.



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