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Elevator Spool Piece Installation


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The plans don't seem to provide direction on how to accurately adjust the spool piece before drilling holes into the elevators and installing bolts to attach the elevators to the spool piece. CH11 Pg. 6 says to adjust the spool piece so the control arms are "almost vertical".


The best way I could figure to get the correct angle was to use the NC-7 jigs to align the elevator with the CZNC-12A Assembly. Doing it this way would make sure the travel of the elevators is correct and make it easier to install the hinge pin. However, I'm not sure if the angle the control arms make with respect to the bottom of the elevator is more important for balance reasons.

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Been looking at builder web sites. Others have had this question as well. If you install the spool piece at the angle shown on the drawings (126 degrees??) then the hinge pin holes don't line up.


One builder chose to install the spool piece per the drawings and found that the actuator arms hit the canard. In hindsight, he said he would have installed the spool piece so the hinge pin holes lined up.

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I used an angle duplicator and matched the angle of my arms to the M drawing, and everything worked out perfectly - did not have to notch the arms nor cut into the canard. I don't know why there have been so many problems with this step. I got the full 15/30 degress of travel.


I think I had the hinge pins in place when I drilled those holes, but can't remember. I know I have not had any trouble with the hinge holes lining up.

Phil Kriley

Cozy #1460

Chapter 13 - nose

Right wing done - working on right winglet.

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