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Open-EZ update 2008


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OK---the "sticky" thread here has gotten really jumbled up---


What is the current state of the Open EZ project? As of right now---with RAF gone, etc... what do you do to build an Open-EZ?


I've got to finish a BK-1.3 and then plan to start an Open-EZ---want to start getting the materials together and planning my project.






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You can start with the Rutan Aircraft Encyclopedia TERF-CD. The best buy for this is on E-BAY. Just search e-bay for Long-EZ and you will see the CDs. Also

download from here the OPEN-EZ A drawings. You can check out my progress at




Make sure you don't make the same mistakes I have.


I really have not run across anything major yet that makes me doubt that I can finish my project with these resources and the help of the online and offline community.

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