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Using Auto Racing Seats

Steve Innova

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As you all know, I've substantially modified the fuselage of my MkIV, and as a result, it's neccessary to build a seat-back that extends above the longerons.


This requires me to re-inforce the seat-back and shoulder brace, quite substantially. While researching and experimenting with seat-design (the safety harness attach points are my main concern), I started to consider installing auto racing seats.


An example of a type of seat I'm considering adapting (or copying) is: http://www.jcwhitney.com/UNBEATABLE-PRICE!-GARAGE-PRO-LEATHER-RECLINING-RACING-SEATS/GP_2010408_N_111+10202+600007738_10102.jcw


What are people's thoughts on the subject?

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Not that I'd recommend an auto seat for a plane, but if you do go that route, I'd specifically look for something that's FIA homogulated. A lot of the so-called 'racing' seats aren't even close to what's required by standard safety bodies like FIA, which have rigorous limits in place for just about every aspect of the system.

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I'm not sure what this would buy you. Racing seats do not actually provide any of the support structure for harness attach points. All they provide is a shell (fiberglass, kevlar, aluminum, etc) and some foam to cushion you. I don't see why this would be an advantage over what you already would have in the plane, which is a fiberglass structure, foam to cushion, and some fabric or leather cover. I've sat in quite a few racing seats, even drove a car (a Sprite) all the way across the country in one. They aren't half bad for support, but I wouldn't think of using them in the plane because they solve some problems that I don't have.

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Yeah on 2nd thought, not really worth adapting an auto seat. I'll copy a few of the headrest shape/features though.


Instead I'll go back to my original plan, and design / build the seatbelt anchors to FAR 23 Sec. 23.561 standards.


I'll open a new thread once I have the drawings finished.

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