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Operating Costs


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I have been playing around with an excel workbook to calculate operating costs. I release it to public domain and welcome any feedback or improvements.


There are worksheets for

Total Operating Expense

Direct Costs

Variable Costs

Fixed Expenses


and Capital Expenses.


I have not really done anything with the Capital Expenses though as I am figuring the aircraft as a sunk cost. A clever person could play around with interst rates, estimates for amortization or appreciation, etc.


There are no nasty macros to worry about so if you see any macro warnings, it is not my file.




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I do not know how to edit the message to include an updated version of the workbook.


Cells D12 and E12 on the Total Operating Expense tab are reversed. D12 should read without reserves and E12 should read with reserves.


Also, the entries on the Fixed Expenses tab represents Yearly costs. The total at the bottom represents those costs as an hourly cost. Sorry, that was not stated in a note or something.


Please let me know if you find other mistakes or errors in the model.



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