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Who was in Nantucket (KACK) on Sunday?

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That would have been Rich Huges from down on Long Island, he said he was going to take his Cozy III up that way, I believe he was courting some young thing :cool:

If you want to do some nice local flying, head due north up Monomoy Island and drop into Chatham Airport on the elbow of the Cape, the cafe there used to serve the most awesome brunches like handmade crabcakes Bendict and football sized fresh fruit waffles, you will not leave there hungry or skinny.

Also a good friend of mine, Jon lives 5 min from there if you need a local car ride or just want to take a very appreciative guy for a plane ride, he'd love it.

Email me privately for his phone if you head up that way again.

Regards, Chrissi

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Cozy Mk-IV RG 13B Turbo

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