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Velocity XL Wing Kit For Sale

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Can't stand the wait any longer, so finishing a kit has gotten out of the question for me. This is a "barely" started wing kit for a Velocity XL RG. This wing kit used to sell from the factory for over $11,000 when they split the kit. While splits are no longer available, Velocity is honoring all existing contracts where either the wing or fuse kit are already out there. You can benefit from my impatience by buying what I have now at a mere fraction of the cost. So, here's what's included:


Complete Factory-Built Main Wing Spar (3 Matched Sections - serial numbered)

Factory-Built Canard Spar

Factory Pre-Cut Wing & Winglet Foam (Leading edge foam already installed on both left and right wing spar sections)

Factory Pre-Cut Canard Foam

Molded Winglet Lower Sections

Elevator & Aileron Torque tubes

Aileron Hinging

Aileron Counterweight Rod

2 Aluminum I-Channel Straight Edge

Wing Rigging Board (for airfoil alignment)

All Kit Fiberglass Cloth (Coarse BID, Fine BID, UNI & Triaxial Glass rolls)

Micro Glass Bubbles

Epoxy Pump (Factory charges $250 extra to the kit prices)

Various Epoxy Application tools


There's approximately $800 to $1000 in miscellaneous hardware parts such as screws, bolts, wire, etc that are still needed. Anyone bringing me $2,000 can leave with this deal of a kit!

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Just FYI, at Oshkosh the "Split" Kits were back, you could even buy one wing at a time. From memory, it was "winglet, L wing, R wing, canard, and fuselage" kit's (there were a bunch, at least 6 subkits). Looks like the website isn't up to date yet.




Brett Ferrell

Velocity XL/FG

Cincinnati, OH


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I am glad to see the kit spit again. Should make it easier for those who really want a Velo to budget. I believe I got the last split kit delivered in June of 2002 as thd day after it was delivered to me it was announced the option was no longer available.


That being said, $2000.00 is really a great price. I wish I needed 'em. Heck, for that price some lucky person should buy them, then build a plane between them:)


I wish they kept the website more current. It is such a great tool and is about the only gripe I have with the company...other than them leaving at 5:00pm Eastern when I remember to call at 4:00pm Central ;)


All the best,




Christopher Barber

Velocity SE/FG w/yoke. Zoom, zoom, zoom.



Live with Passion...

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