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What to use to mark canopy?


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Hello all,


I marked my preliminary cut lines on my canopy using a Sharpie writing onto the SprayLat.


Now I am ready to do the cutting, of course, I have to remove a band of SprayLat to expose the lower edge

so I can cut it and prepare it for the initial singely ply layup.


I drew a small line with the sharpie then realized it may not come off easily. So I stopped and tried a liittle 409.

But then a little voice in my head said, STOP. Go check the archive to see if 409 is ok for plexi.


DOH!, it isn't. Whew, I only put a little on a small spot that will be cut off anywy.


Now, what do I use to mark the canopy cut line???


Dry erase marker??


What have youze guyz used to draw on your virgin canopy????



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