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Pitot and Static Plumbing

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For anyone getting ready to install instruments:


I just finished plumbing the Pitot/Static system on my Cozy using the SafeAir1 System. ( www.safeair1.com )

It uses plastic tubing and special spring loaded fittings, which make it EZ to assemble and disassemble. They make a kit, $85, which is geared toward RV's and the Dynon AOA pitot.

I found it VERY easy to use.:thumbsup:

(They also have a non-painted pitot tube mounting mast for $47.50. )

"I run with scissors."


Phase One Testing


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These spring loaded plastic barb fittings are used heaps in industry too. At the brewery they were used on all plastic airhoses that operated valves so they can take a decent pressure too. In my experience these parts never fail, it is always the piping that failed at the point it entered the barbs (due to the pipe moving a lot due the equipment it was used on). What this means is you can buy them from industrial outlets, which will probably halve the cost. I would have no issue using these in an aircraft.


Obviously it's up to you about using "non aircraft" parts in your plane, but in the picture above the parts look exactly the same as what I used to use at work.

Adrian Smart

Cozy IV #1453

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