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Elevator Torque tube gap


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My EZ lets in a lot of air at the torque tube. It looks like it's had a block of foam and perhaps other things glued around this area. Unsuccessfully.


Given this is not a good place for anything to get jammed. May I ask for a suggestion here please? No luck searching posts.


Many Thanks







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I couldn't tell from the pic, but do you have the offest bellcrank where the FS side penetration is purely axial or is it the original LongEZ arc ? I don't have an answer for your question either way, but this info may help others.


I know in my Cozy I intend to make it axial only (using the CozyGirrrls bellcranks) and I will use a bearing seal somewhat like this


Posted Image


This is an example image, not the actual device I will use. Maybe overkill but will definately seal without any binding.

Adrian Smart

Cozy IV #1453

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I ordered these baby's from the Cozy Girrls aka CG PARTS. In case you don't know what they do...they are used to keep the air out of the front of the airplane by offsetting the roll of the elevator when the elevator travels in the down position. The center of the "Torque Tube Offsets" are configred to roll in one symetrical position. With that you can build around the center of the torque tube to block out the cold air when flying at high altitude or winter time. Go to the canard forums for more info on this topic.


Tom McCormick


Almost done the nose section.

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