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Replacing the Fuselage bottom rear cover.


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I’m currently resurrecting an abandoned Long-Ez project and have had to re-do many bits and pieces. My latest mod involved removing the main landing gear, to do this I’ve had to remove the bottom rear fuselage cover (the bit the main gear goes through).


My question is regarding the replacing of this cover, has anyone made this a removable item, i.e. bolted into place, to facilitate easy access to all the bits and pieces that live in there? When I say bolted, I really mean bolted in such a way that there wouldn’t be any chance of it coming loose and hitting the prop etc.


It might be of some interest to other people taking over a project to check everything over with a fine toothed comb, don’t take things at face value. I’ve recently discovered some really dangerous faults that were just waiting to bite someone, one being badly routed aluminium fuel pipes (out of sight, crossed over, rubbing and not secured anywhere) and the other being found when replacing the top engine mounting extrusions, ALL the bolts were too long and had bottomed out on the threads! What else awaits me?

Tell me and I forget.

Show me and I remember.

Involve me and I understand.

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