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MKNG3A/MKNG4A Hole Location


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Please heeeeeelllllpppp a newbie.


I am getting ready to drill my MKNG-4A/MKNG-3A combination and am confused about the instructions.


These are the stainless steel items from Jack Whilem.... ( I can never spell his last name) Electric Nose Lift.


MKNG4-A came pre-drilled. This is the lil INSIDE one. MKNG3-A, the OUTSIDE one is NOT drilled.


Now, I have already installed them on the strut and did all the glass work for the cover and reinforcing glass work for

these brackets.


In other words, they are already on there real nice and good.


Now, the problem.


When I installed them the inside bracket (MKNG4-A) sat about 1/8" below the top of the outside one (MKNG3-A).

I didn't realize I need to build up that guy with flox and glass till after it was installed. (More on this later)


I also didn't realize it was odd that the inside one (MKNG4-A) was already pre-drilled. It would seem to me the outside (MKNG3-A)

should have been pre-drilled.


Anyhoo, I re-read, and re-read again, the instructions from Jack W. and it says clearly as follows:


"You will now install the new heavier NG3A and NG4A (made of stainless steel). Please pay special attention to this step."




"2. Be careful when you drill the holes in the brackets that there is enough clearance for the actuator to rotate without binding. The position of the holes may vary to allow fitting but should not be closer to the inside bottom of the bracket than .70 inches or farther from the top of the bracket than .625 inches."


Now the pre-drilled hole in MKNG4-A (the inside one) is centered .55 inches from the bottom of the bracket and .50 inches from the top of the bracket.


So, there is no way to drill a hole in the MKNG3-A/MKNG4-A combination and still meet the above directions.



Did I get the wrong MKNG4-A Bracket????


Shouldn't MKNG3-A bracket have been pre-drilled instead of MKNG4-A????


Any advice on how to resolve this issue?????



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