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Rudder Pedals:: Nylon/Delrin-Brass/Bronze-Ball Bearing???


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I am installing the rudder pedals and drilled out the holes in NG-30 as per plans.


I am using Dennis Oelman's 3/4" rudder pedals.


They fit ok, but the fit in NG-30 isn't all that snug and already it is squeaking when they rotate.


I am considering some sort of bearing, however, due to the really nice coating Dennis applied,

standard 3/4" bearings are a little too small on the inside diameter.


So, I could sand off the nice coating, but then it would leave bare metal exposed in the nose gear

leg well. I could grind or machine the brass/bronze bushing to size but would that nice white coating

hold up for very long in the bushing or the ball bearing.


I am leaning towards the nylon/delrin flanged bearing and either machining out the inside diameter to fit the

3/4" shaft the the white coating or split the nylon bearing and flox it into the NG-30 for a sorta interference fit

onto the shaft.


Any advice? Doesn't the plans method allow air infiltration or is it not an issue since it is in the nose gear leg well?



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