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Cable ends


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Walked down the lane to my neighbors shop last night. His fabricating skills are amazing!! I was checking out the new chassis he is just finishing. It is a rail for drag racing with a 900 honda motorcycle engine. Cables are utilized to preload and support the front of the chassis. I had never seen cable ends like the kind he was using. Don't know if acceptable for aircraft use but they make for a very clean assembly. According to the instruction sheet, these ends are rated for 100% of rated strength of the cable. They are availabe for 1/16 cable up to 1 1/4 cable(I think). There is a small inspection hole to visualize if installed properly. They can be taken apart and reassembled for inspection as long as the inner wedge piece and cable is undisturbed. It is called Electroline. Manufactured by Esmet inc. in Canton, Ohio. My neighbor's installation used threaded ends for adjusting cable tension but he said he thinks they come with a clevis end also. I'll try to post pix but apologize for the poor quality of my camera-phone. May not be new to some of you but I thought they were cool.



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