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Need Help Transitioning to Cozy MKIV

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We are very near completion of Cozy MKIV #656 and should have it out to the hanger in March for taxi testing. Thane, the owner, is looking for someone to volunteer some right or left seat stick time in their flying Cozy to help him get a feel for flying a canard before that first flight. He does not belong to any of the forums and has asked me to check the groups for him. Anywhere in the U.S.A. will do and he does not need a host or anything like that. Just a couple hours to get the feel of the controls and some basic informal instruction. Any costs or expenses will of course be reimbursed. Thanks for any help. Dave Clifford

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Sorry I can't help, too far away in Africa.


Don't underestimate the value of getting used to the sidestick on a flight simulator ... use any plane & the kids single joystick. (I used 210)


Best of luck!

I live in my own little world! but its OK, they know me here!

Chris Van Hoof, Johannesburg, South Africa operate from FASY (Baragwanath)

Cozy Mk IV, ZU-CZZ, IO-360 (200hp) 70x80 prop

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