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Pics of cabinet and hot box


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I have these posted on other threads because I didn't see this one. I figured I should have it here for others to possibly get ideas from. It is done on the cheap, but it works great. I thing that is the whole idea for us on a budget. The cloth cabinet can be made of just about the cheapest 4' X 8' sheets you can find. I used the compressed cardboard type material because it is only $16 a sheet at Home Depot. It is heavy, but smooth surfaced. I used it on my work bench top layer over the plywood as well because it is cheap and disposable if it gets ruined. The cloth cabinet uses rigid castors and wooden round dowels to roll the cloth. The castors allow you to smoothly pull the cloth without distortion. See attached pics. The dimensions are 5' high, 4' wide, and 18" deep. The door is hinged at the bottom and has hinged legs on the face that fall down as the door is open. They are cut to make the table level when it is folded out. This gives you a HUGE 4' X 5' cutting table. The resin "hot box" is an old roll around tool cabinet that has been gutted and hung on the wall, and lined with styrofoam with a particle board door made from left over material from the cloth cabinet. The temperature controller is an adjustable stand alone baseboard heater thermostat. It is 120v and can be wired into a plug and simply pluged in to the wall, or in my case the power strip on the side of the box. It has an adjustable thermostat control dial with temp numbers on it. The controller can be purchased at any hardware store. I got this one from Home Depot. The controller is wired to a simple light fixture like that found in a garage in the cieling. The thermometer setup is a battery operated indoor/outdoor remote combo package found at any hardware store or even Wall Mart (where I got this one) It has a small remote unit that you place in the cabinet (i have mine on the pump right below the tubs). It reads the inside temp and has a digital display. It sends the signal by remote to the unit hung on the outside of the door which displays both the reading from inside the cabinet and the outside (shop) ambient temp. You kill two birds with one stone. You get the accurate reading of your resin, and a reading of your shop temp to make sure both are up to parr. This thermometer allows you to calibrate your thermostat controller inside the box to hold your temps where you need them. My box holds 85 degrees with no fluctuations. The page will not allow me to duplicate my pics here, so I'll give you the threads they are posted on. You can just type these titles in the "search" box. The first is "pics of my shop setup", and the other is "cabinet for fiberegalss". I thought this might give some potential builders some ideas. Good luck and happy building!!!

Rob Wiehl


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