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Brake Line Conduit Max size???


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Hello All,


I am getting ready to add the brake line conduit to the landing gear and was wondering

what is the best/largest size for the conduit in which the brake fluid line will reside in?


I am using the brake kit from Infinity Aerospace, Matco, and it includes 6' of 1/4" nylon

tubing instead of the 3/16" tubing called out in the plans. So I will be continuing with the

1/4" tubing throughout the airplane. I would also like to run 2 to 4 small diameter wires down

this same conduit for possible instrumentation signal wires.


I plan on doing the Wayne Hicks Fairing mod.


So, about what is the approximate largest size of this conduit do you guys/gals think I can use?

I was thinking 1/2" OD and 3/8" ID.


What diameter conduit did youse guys use?



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(1) Fetch the full-sized M-drawing of the gear box.

(2) Measure the thickness of the gear bow.

(3) For gear fairings, you want the ratio of length to cord to be 4:1 to 5:1.

(4) if the gear is about 2 inches thick, measure back 8 inches.

(5) Connect the dots between the upper surface and the point of your 4:1 trailing edge. Do the same for the bottom surface. That will give you the "triangle" of space provided by the main gear fairing.

(6) Now what I can't tell you is how thick the leg is near the wheels. That is the limiting factor. I mean I could tell you, but I'm in California and my plane is in Virginia. Maybe someone will chime in. You can also figure it out by knowing the grip length of the axle bolts specified in the plans (minus the axle flange of course).

Wayne Hicks

Cozy IV Plans #678


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