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Atlanta Newbie with Long EZ...any other canard flyers in GA?

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I recently acquired a Long EZ (#1957) from a fellow in Tennessee that was unable to complete the build. The fuse is partially assembled, the glass work looks good, and she sits on 3 wheels in my basement right now. I have to take a parts inventory and find out where I'm going with this. I acquired a number of parts and foam to complete the airframe, but will need a canopy, engine mount, and wheel pants that I know of right now (as well as everything related to the engine/prop and instrumentation).


Any canard flyers out there in Georgia? It would be great to find some folks locally with common interest. Shoot me an email: I'm at davismtlc at hotmail dot com.


I would like to acuire plans for the Roncz canard. Rutan no longer offers them for sale. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks,


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Hey Mike,


My name is Rob. I'm a newbie as well. I am in Birmingham AL. 2hrs from you. I am just now starting my Cozy MKIV from scratch. You are probably 2 years jump start on construction ahead of me, but I plan on having this done in 7 years. I figure that is a reasonable goal. These canard web pages and Yahoo groups are a wealth of information and the people are the most helpful and friendly that I have ever met. They are very passionate about these planes and flying in general. Good luck with your project. What ever you do DON'T GET DISCOURAGED!! It takes time but they say it's SO worth the effort. Check out the canard videos on Youtube.com. They are under canard, cozy, berkut, and defiant etc. in the search box.



Cozy MKIV #1521

Rob Wiehl


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