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canopy Latch


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Does anyone know about any requirements that back seat passengers be able to open the canopy? I suppose it would relate to the need to get out after a crash where the pilot is incapacitated. Does anyone have this feature incorporated into their latching system?

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Debbie Iwatate published a book of mods that included a canopy latch that could be released by one or more rear seat passengers. It featured a cable running from the canopy latch release to just aft of the forward satback. Pulling the cable released the capture device and released the canopy handle. Originally intended as a modification to the Long-EZ canopy latch, one could use this same design on the Cozy.


See Cozy Builder's FAQ 18.14. The FAQ is pretty old, but the book may still be available.

Wayne Hicks

Cozy IV Plans #678


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The bottom line seems to be that a small handful of builders have made access to the latch or the location of the latch a consideration for use by passengers in the back seat but NOBODY has stated that there is a requirement to do so. Therefore, do it or don't do it, your choice.

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A back seat latch may be a good idea, but-------


If your back seat pax is not a sophisticated flyer of these birds, consider the scenario in which he/she panics due to a relatively minor, or even major situation and because of the knowledge and proximity, pops the canopy. Not too much of a prob for front hinged persuasion, however the side saddles may have a problem created by this seemingly safety orientated solution.

I Canardly contain myself!

Rich :D

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