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new cominf cfrmz stationed at f-18 home bagotville quebec canada


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nice to see you all folks , and.by the way I won a usa picture contest with my plane call skyrunner .my plane got a rear camera mounted underneath the engine cowling at the back for rear viewing and they made an article in the local newspaper concerning my plane saying it looks like a UFO lol ;) bye now if you want to see picture of my plane e mail me no problem and BY THE WAY anybody got a nice job done on the seats forward and back mine are old and want to refresh them any suggestion and at the rear my girlfrend complained about missing a foot rest ???any idea with how to modifie to be more confortable don.t be affraid to send picture of modified item via my e mail good show for the site very usefull and very interesting subject and maintenance matters plus forum very usefull keep going it is great .so long a buddy from saguenay andy bagotville home of cf-18 hornet canadian forces base.for picture of my plane ask me by all mean under cfrmz@hotmail.com:)


1991long ez 458TTSN lycoming 023012c 118 hp 1360smot apolloflybodygps,garmin195moving map .navcom,vor&com760,xpdr encoder mode

c,auto pilot/turn coordinator tracks gps voice recorder aiddevices.nav/strob/position lights, new light starter, spin oilfilterB&cspecproduc,airbrake.Nose electr,wheelpants turn coord electr,bagage pop,prop prince a p-tipp58 bp69l 4 chts,4egt,vortex generator

,IFR tangs 52 gal US cruising speed 250km/hrs masse max 873kgs empty weight 918 lbs registered home built

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