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Cozy on the road?

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"delivers 50 miles to a gallon of regular gasoline - about the same as a large motorcycle"


Or about what my Jetta TDI gets at 55mph. Interesting looking, but really, would you want to drive it on the road at speed, my guess is crashworthiness is not that great!

Craig K.

Cozy IV #1457

building chapter seven!


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An aquaintance of mine is a long term powered trike fan and builder, their biggest shortcoming is the wheels in the middle are in the road oil slick, if they are in the front, steering is jeapordized (understeer) and you braking effort is hugely reduced, if in the rear the tail slides (oversteer) spinouts in turns and braking is partially compromised. He still loves trikes but says they have issues.

Back to Cozy building....


CG Products


Cozy Mk-IV RG 13B Turbo

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