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Anyone with a Cozy near Idaho?

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I'm currently seeking a ride in a Cozy IV if anyone is game. My wife and I currently own a Beech Musketeer and are interested in building a Cozy. Already been out to Big Steve's place to see how this stuff gets built! Now it's on to finding out how they fly! If anyone can help out, drop me a line via PM or email at Ursam128@aol.com. We are willing to fly around a bit as long as the weather is decent. Thanks ahead of time!

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Okay, even without finding a ride, we're still going to get started. Just made a deal to purchase a partially completed project. Going to haul it down here next weekend, put it in the hangar, and then finish setting up the shop. Hope to be makin' parts and pieces by the end of the winter.


The fuselage is finished to chapter 6, and has several other things completed in it. Has electric nose retract, a ton of Featherlite parts, gear bow and front gear leg, leading edges, etc. All the hardware is done and looks really nice. Went and saw all of it a couple weeks ago and finally ended up making a deal. Should give us a good jump start towards completing a Cozy!


So, in a couple weeks we'll go from lookers, to plans and parts owners and after the shop is set up we'll be builders! Looks like the only thing I'll need to get going will be some more hardener (MGS) and some BID and UNI. Just about everything else is there.


Oh, and I'll need a Fein and a couple little things like a cloth cutter. Starting to get really excited here...

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It's 5:30 in the morning, we just got back to the house at 5, and I'm beat.


We drove to Marysville WA Friday night and stopped and spent the night with a friend. Got a few hours sleep, and then got back on the road to Blaine WA. We were driving our Ford Ranger pulling a 5x9 interior dimension open trailer. Got up there to load everything, and realized that it was a LOT of stuff. Some of the boxes had been in a storage unit when we looked at the project before, so I didn't know how big they'd be.


Long story short, we got it all to fit. The previous owner was impressed that we got it all in and thoroughly secured (hey, 6 years of electronics hauling for NorthAmerican Van Lines can't hurt). Had it all tarped and tied off and headed for home. Got back here about 3:30 in pouring rain and opted to just unload at the hangar right then. Got everything unloaded, and things got a tiny bit rained on when we hauled into the hangar. Everything was dry when we un-tarped it though!


So, the project has a new home. I'll take some pictures eventually, but right now I'm beat.

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