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Rudder Conduit Installation


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Looks like the plans conflict here. If you look at view G-G the Rudder Conduit exits the vertical plane of foam INSIDE the shell. However if you read the instructions for step 8, you need to route the rudder conduit down .7" over the last 8" length at the root of the wing.


If you follow the Step 8, you find your conduit exits the vertical edge of the actual shell.


Because I've moved ahead, I'm not sure what is correct. The picture or the instructions in CH 19 Step 8. I assume the picture is correct but I'm not sure. If the instructions are to match the picture, I think you should start dropping the conduit down to .7" over the last 8" before the vertical plane INSIDE the shell.


Also note if you measure the picture, the conduit exits this vertical plane .7" below the top wing surface.


Any one know how this wing gets attached so they can verify how to route the rudder conduit?

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I've been looking at some builder web pages for pictures of the root section of the wing. It looks like that rudder conduit exits the shell... Almost the same way I built mine.


I'll post what I ultimately choose to do in case others have this little problem.

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Just got back from Ukia. Picked up a bunch of SWEET pre-fabbed parts from featherlight.


Anyway I asked Mike and Larry about this question. Went back and forth about it and determined that is shouldn't matter if my conduit comes out of the recessed vertical face inside that wing root or if it is bonded along the inside of the "wing cubby". (sorry I've had a few beers and don't know the real word for that inside area along the upper side of the wing root. From now on I'll call it the wing cubby)


Seems to be total paranoia on my part...

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