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Looking for King KLN90 documentation

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Hi Group,


for my IBIS project I've changed my thinking about what avionics I want and why I want it. You can read more about it on this page:



So I've been scrounging around and ended up with most of what I'm going to need.


Back to my question:


I'm looking for documentation about the King KLN90 GPS unit. It's a KLN90, not a KLN90b.

What I ended up with is a KLN90 and a user's manual for the KLN90b.

What I'm currently looking for is a user's manual for the KLN90 as well as interfacing documentation to be able to integrate it into my project.


If anyone can point me to sources for this information, I'd be very grateful indeed!





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Hi Group,


as of last week I was able to upgrade the KLN90 unit for a KLN90-B unit. As to my question about installation manuals: these can be downloaded from the following address:




I dropped the KMA24 audio panel, as the only reason to want to have it was the integrated marker beacon receiver. Since panel space in my IBIS is at a premium, I decided that I'm going to install a small dedicated marker beacon receiver instead.


take care, fly safe



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