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A Canard all of us may enjoy!

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Nice work, real nice work, but I like this one better, for minus 2 reasons. . .



Great job on all of them! The detail and craftsmanship - awsome!

I'm going to include a link to your catalogue page on my builder site once I get back to that. http://www.hats-ez.com

Again nice stuff


Was that F-4 a D series?:D

Airspeed is Life -

:cool: - Having lots of it

is Better!

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Let me make clear....because I don't want to take any credit for talents that aren't mine....This workmanship is not mine. I just REALLY enjoy flight with my primary interest lying in ultralights. I happened upon CZ because I like the "canard configuration" design.


I simply found the weathervanes during a Google search.


They ARE neat though!


Gary in Pennsylvania

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