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Well there aren't any official canard groups in the Denver area, and I don't know of any EAA Chapters that are particularly supportive of weirdos who fly backwards, plastic airplanes ... but we're considering at least starting an "inclusive" annual canard get-together of some kind. It seems now that Rick Maddy may not continue his famous annual Colorado Cozy Barbecue.


Did your search turn up Rob with his VariEze based at Metro, our VariEze based on Longmont Airport, or Bob or Ion with their Long-EZ's at Longmont, or Lee and Don with their Long-EZ's up in Greeley? There are also Burrall and a coupla others down at Meadowlake near Colorado Springs.


If you would like to go for a ride, I'd be happy to oblige. Here is a picture of our plane, while we were on our way back from Oshkosh this year:




Talk to you soon,


Curt and Gail

VariEze N111JK and Cozy plans# 872

Boulder, CO

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Curt and Gail,

Thanks for the response. I actually just got back from the EAA ch301 meeting out at Centennial. I spoke to a few guys there, one in particular (John L.) who gave me some great information. He mentioned a few names and one person who recently bought an in-progress Long-EZ and plans. Their names escape me now, though.

I'd love to take you up on that offer for a ride! She's a beauty!


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I've been pretty busy lately, and haven't flown for about two weeks. So I need to go up again soon. Last time I was up, I did rolls for the first time! I need to go up again Solo and do some more. Otherwise, when would you be able to get up to Longmont Airport? I usually like to fly in the mornings, and if it's cooler like today anytime from 9:00 to noon would work. Afternoon flying is often rather bumpy.


BTW, did you get an email through Canard Forums that I sent?

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