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I just received a beautiful tinted LEZ canopy from Todd's canopies. It is a great piece of work. The only problem is it has a 2 inch crack on the right front part of the nose (likely took a bump in shipping). The crack has been stop drilled so it is stabilized. Todd is making a replacement this week--no questions asked.

Now what to do with this one.

Anyone out there want a new bargain long ez canopy still wrapped in plastic. I figure the blimish (not very pronounced) will be covered about one third after intallation. (It really is a great looking unit.)

Or, a portion of the canopy could be used for a different type of a/c.

I paid $480 (shipping included) for an undamaged one so Todd is backing that up.

Anyway, it is available for pick-up in the Los Angeles area (no shipping).

Or it can be picked up at Elwood Johnson's hanger (KWHP) Whiteman Airport (I know he won't mind)

Price is $150 which is what Todd is out for shipping the replacement canopy to me from Florida.

I don't want a dime out of it. The ck would be made to Todd and will cover some of his loss.

If anyone is interested let me know. Or if you want info from Todd his no. is 954-579-0874. We spoke this am and I indicated I would post this.


Steve Crouch

LEZ N180EZ (Painting-wiring next)

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