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Greetings from Houston, TX

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Hi all...


Utter newbie here... Don't even know how to fly, but have wanted to for years!


When I saw a canard in the air a couple years back and was able to figure out what in hell it was ( ) I started poking around on the internet... I fell in love with the idea of building one of these and learning to fly (not necessarily in that order!)..


So, I'm here.. Looking.. Learning.. Well, stumbling and fumbling actually.. :-)


I'm in Clear Lake (near Houston)... I go to school at Tx. Chiropractic College.. Anyone else on this list in that area?



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I'm north in the woodlands just getting together the templates and terf cd plans to get started on a long ez. I'm just getting started but would like to meet anyone with some long-ez interest or projects...It looks like Houston may hold a few canard pilots...glad I'm not alone in the persuit.



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