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Cozy 369CZ aka Razzle Dazzle

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Cozy 369CZ was resurected and flew Sunday at El Paso International. It was her 1st flight in over 10 years. It was orginal built by William Teeters of Illinios. It was damaged in a takeoff accident in 96.

I spent 14 months putting her back together. I was greatly assisted by Mike Quigley, or rather I assisted Mike. Other great helpers include Mike Houser Javier Valenzuela, Lucky Gibson, Tommy Grover and Jerry Gonzales.


Tomorrow more flight testing. It has been a very satisfy project. She looks fast. I think maybe 150 knots or better, Will post


Herb Navarro

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The nose wheel was sheared off, left main had a bent axle. The nubber and Xponder ant were gone.


In rebuilding I had bad sight gages and a fuel leak in the left strake. I replaced both gages from Vance. I had to overhaul the 0-290 GPU motor. It was ruined from setting 10 years. It has a Prince Prop. We completly overhauled and reworked the brakes, way better system. I had to install a new ELT.


I have 4.5 hours now. She flys great a little slow 145 knots. I need wheel pants.


I work as a pilot and I have 8000 hrs and I had 50 hrs or so in a Long and 5 hours in a Velocity. The Coz flys just like a long ez. I havent scared my self too bad. However every landing is a nose wheel touching heart thump.



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