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Width at the Strakes

Zulu Yankee

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I have one of those pesky two-car garages with two single garage doors and a SOLID structure between them.


The structure between the two doors is load-bearing, so no way of removing it.


Could anyone tell me how wide the Cozy is at the strakes? Has anyone else solved this problem? I have seen references to the problem on the internet in old newsletters, but have not seen the solution.


For the sake of aviation, I guess I could knock the garage down around the airplane, but I doubt that I will be able to sell that idea to the Mrs.


1) Dimensions?

2) Ideas?

I plan to procrastinate, but not now....

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My garage in CA was like this. I made the center post so I could temporally remove it.


I made special brackets for the top and bottom to support the post, and "U" shaped brackets to mount the two door tracks to the post.


I would roll both doors all the way up, and insert a safety pin so the doors couldn't be lowered. I then removed three bolts, two on top and one on bottom. Pushed the post out of the way and presto, I could get the EZ in or out.


I'll look around and see if I can find photos of the post and rigging.



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