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Gary Spencer's small block Ford V8 LongEZ ?


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In the December issue of kitplanes (only just got that in Oz, yay for sea freight) there is an article on Gary Spencers LongEZ with a small block Ford V8 for power.


Does anyone have more info on that aircraft, and in particular the engine installation. Particulartly the long drive shaft/spinner for direct drive.


I have 2 small block Ford powered cars and a couple more engines in the shed, so this article really caught my interest. I have a 351 Cleveland in a '74 XB Falcon Coupe (Mad Max interceptor type, you Americans seem to call them Aussie Coupes), and a 302 Windsor EFI in a '95 model EF Fairmont.


I don't really intend putting one in my Cozy, at least not yet, but I'd like to see how it was done.

Adrian Smart

Cozy IV #1453

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There was an article in the Dec 06 Kitplanes magazine on page 16. It says the original engine was a cast-iron 302 with aluminum heads. This evolved to an aluminum block with steel sleeves bored and stroked to 360 cubic inches 11:1 compression pistons, , billet crank and other racing parts, 270 hp at 3500 rpm reported to burn 6 gph at 200 mph. Full throttle below 9000 ft will push the Long-Ez past the VNE of 220 mph (190ts). Edelbrock Jr. manifold machined to lower the carb. which is a Holley 2bbl 500 cfm. with a special metering block for leaning. It uses a VW Rabbit racing radiator mounted below the engine and a Stewart water pump. Cool stuff in the pictures are the 8 exhaust pipes coming out of the cowling trailing edge, the large circular cowling outlet with a large Hershey kiss spinner and 3-blade prop.

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Hi Raikil



I don't really intend putting one in my Cozy, at least not yet, but I'd like to see how it was done.


Why not but one in a Cozy 4 ? im looking into doing so.


:banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :)

Standard Cozy IV builder only 2 mods, because I want to get into the air fast. :) At CH7

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