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  1. Hi All I am thinking of selling my Cozy IV project that I have at Holbrook NSW Australia in my hanger. Reason im thinking of selling, is because I do not have much time to build these days If you live in Australia and are looking to build a Cozy IV and want to buy a Cozy IV project. please contact me U4iadog@hotmail.com I have al parts to finish air frame. It is on wheels Cheers Don
  2. Hi All This plane seem,s now to be for sale. why so soon ? www.barnstormers.com
  3. Is it still for sale Cheers Don
  4. Dear All Has any one made a wider Vari EZ, say the same width as the Long EZ or wider? Has any one modifided a variez to make the front seat wider from a standard variez size seat ? Cheers Don
  5. Hi Raikil Why not but one in a Cozy 4 ? im looking into doing so. :banana: :banana:
  6. Hi All Just a question, How about 2 , 2 bladed props counter rotating, using a gear box to do this.???
  7. Dear all I am building a Cozy 4 but it feels like im building a steam engine, because all you USA chaps are still on imperial not metric unit. Do you think USA will ever go metric?
  8. I think your friend should look at the Vari-EZ as it is only a 100 hp canard. Unless your friend is an aero engineer, advise hime to stick to designs that are working.
  9. Hi Karoliina I would advise your friend to look at other canard aircraft, not the Vari-Viggen Have a look at web site like http://www.ez.org/ http://www.eracer.org/ Cheers Don
  10. Hi Spodman Some of those reg,s sound bad but funny. Have you started building yet? Cheers Don
  11. Hi You can not put that plane on this forum its a normal plane. It also has the canard in the wrong place ha ha. It must be very cold in Finland now. It was when i was in Helsiky many years ago at this time. Get a canard plane as they fly better i feel than normail plans. Well i think im just going to carry on building my Cozy 4 and leard from the costruction prosess. Have a look at this http://qmain.tripod.com/raptor.htm
  12. I think sombody placed the canard in the wrong place
  13. Hi karoliina's Thank you for that As for the Rotax 503 and other 2 stroke rotaxes, it is cheep engine and reliable if you manage it. I have many flight houres with them, Good engine managment is needed with 2 stroke engines I was thinking of a cheap,fastbuild kit. ill look into it after doing my cozy4
  14. Dear All There have been small single seat canard design aircraft like the Quicky. but i have never seen a single seat canard design that is like the Long-EZ or Cozy. So hear is my Design Brife for one Single seat canard design like Long-Ez fast build Powered by 503 Rotax Pilot weight to 110kg Fast Good visability I would like to hear other peoples thoughts on it. My thoughts are that it may get builders to build composit canard aircraft. I am not an aircraft engineer so do not feel i could design my self.
  15. Dear All Just an idea, Putting 4 inch landing lights in the lower winglet ( lower part of the Rudder) Cozy Has any one done it ? Cozy Cheers
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