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Non TSOed Instruments


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Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of Falcon Instruments? I'm looking to replace an Aeritalia Gyro that nobaody wants to work on with something affordable and Falcon appears to be the only Non TSOd outfit I can find. Any other suggestions would be greatfully appreciated???

Thank you,

Dave Viglierchio

Davis, CA

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My hangarmate installed a Falcon attitude gyro and an altimeter into his Long-EZ. The gyro vibrated alot in its case. The altimeter needle bounced up and down relentlessly. We were suspicious of the Chinese literature that came with the instruments. There's a reason why Falcon can't be TSOd. So buyer beware.


You couldn't give me a Falcon anything.


You'd do better buying a used gyro from a reputable manufacturer.

Wayne Hicks

Cozy IV Plans #678


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