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Some builders say they took nearly as long to install systems as it did to build the airframe.


I see coming up with a "standard configuration" for the following:

1. Electrical system

2. Instruments

3. Avionics (some bend in the avionics)

4. Brake system

5. Fuel system

6. Cabin heat


I could supply good CAD drawings for the following, (eventually):



Off topic: If you really wanted to ramp up production, you have a loose consortium that would make standard parts and sell/trade them with each other:

1. Wing cores & spar

2. Roncz canards

3. Canopy

4. Cowl & downdraft


Make the plane a "modular" design. The builder would still be well under the 50% rule, and it would save so much "thinking about it" time.



If this idea has merit, we could open another thread in this area.

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Bob Nuckolls has pretty much defined the modern kitplane electrical system.


Jim Weir has published a standard for avionics wiring and interconnection (see KARMIC connectors).


I do Grand Rapids EIS and EFIS installs and TruTrak autopilot installs as do other shops.


I'm pretty sure that Robert and Valerie Harris at EZ Jet will make wings, spars and canards for anyone that wants them.


The problem is getting individual builders who are building their own airplanes to adopt the standards. Most want to do it "better". We spend a lot of time and customer's dollars sorting out electrical problems on composite aircraft. Usually resorting to ripping it all out and doing it over again.


Rick Pellicciotti

Belle Aire Aviation, Inc.

Rick Pellicciotti

Belle Aire Aviation, Inc.


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