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Howdy all!


My name is John Knolla and I recently found the canardzone.com forums, and what can I say, seems a great resource.


A little about me, I am 36, married (we have a 10 year old daughter), own a couple small businesses in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and I have been a fan of Burt and the EZ series (and their derivatives) for about 20 years.


I hold a Commercial Pilot's License, Single-Engine Land with Instrument Priveleges, and I have about 350 hours in 18 different aircraft types including many certifieds and experimentals, notably the Long-EZ, Sportsman 2+2, Merlin GT, Bucanneer GT, although about 1/3rd of my time is in Bonanza's. I am not current at the present time, the old triple paradox of flying - time, weather and money; you can have any two but lack of the third will ground you. ;)


I have worked in aerospace for the past 14 years, both on my own, designing, manufacturing and installing custom graphics and spray masks for aircraft (www.aerographicsdesign.com), as well as stints at Raytheon Aircraft and Eclipse Aviation, primarily in Technical Publications, Logistics Support, and management for 8 different Military and Business Aviation programs.


I am very interested in the 'OpenEZ' project as I have always like the Long-EZ but did not want to buy a completed aircraft (I have a few mods I really want) and was not looking forward to trying to buy a set of plans off e-bay or some other place. I liked several things about the Berkut and almost tried to build one but thankfully my finances at that time prevent me from starting and they went belly-up shortly thereafter.


Anyway, just wanted to say hello, I look forward to participation here and perhaps sharing a completion notice and first flight in the future.



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I *almost* got into the Berkut too, which was before I knew what a plans-built was. With what I know now (okay, a little), I'm very happy with the plans-built route.


The Open-EZ is a great option right now for someone looking to build a tandem 2-place canard that looks and flies like a Long-EZ. Modifying it is up to you, but there are a handful of popular modifications out there to make it more like a Berkut than a Long.


Feel free to join the discussion... and welcome!

Jon Matcho :busy:
Builder & Canard Zone Admin
Now:  Rebuilding Quickie Tri-Q200 N479E
Next:  Resume building a Cozy Mark IV

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I too was getting ready to build the Open-EZ/LimoEZ/TonyEZ :)


But after talking with my wife we decided to stick with our Cozy plans. There is another Cozy being built in Albq and a little south of you in Mid-Valley (Los Lunas) is a Vari-EZ builder/owner (Jack Hickman). He had just got done teaching a composite workshop (which I unfortuantely missed) for the local EAA Chapter. Mid Valley also had an Open Hanger that was fun 2 weeks ago. I drove down from Santa Fe and had a ball!


Welcome to the group!



Bob Hassel

Cozy Plans #749

Santa Fe, NM




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