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Which Prop would you buy?


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Is there any conventional wisdom out there on a O-200 propeller for a VE?


Who makes good preforming propellers?

Who's propellers have given disapointing preformance?

Who does or does not deliver on time as promised?

Have ground adjustable propellers given good preformance and service?


Lets Hear It



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I just bought one from http://www.cattoprops.com/.

Price is right and Craig has a good rep.

He just started mine last week. Said I'd have it in 5-6 weeks.

That's OK since the Vez is down for maint. I got a fuel leak at the bottom of my two sight guages in the back seat area and I'm replacing most of my switches for the main power + radio, strobes, trim, etc.

The Composite prop will replace my Sensenich wood 56"

The wood prop has a few small cracks showing in the hub plus some minor dents that penetreated the clear laquer coating in a few spots. The wood prop has a 3.5 hub and the composite has a 4" hub so i'll be getting new prop bolts as well. But at least it will match this nifty white kiss type spinner I got.:cool: I would go 3 blade just for coolness factor but I dont want to have to buy a new spinner as well. :o

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