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Rudder spring replacement?


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Really good question.


I plan on doing mine soon. First thought is to remove the entire tube assembly and glue it back into position. The problem is to remove it without making a mess.


I'm thing of making an extended hole saw (like a long socket) that just fits around the OD of the tube in place.

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Is there a way to replace the rudder springs, short of putting a hole in the winglet? Is there a rust resistant replacement?

Sure - I've done it many times (at least on a COZY - you don't state what type of aircraft or model you're talking about). You take the spring hook off of the rudder eyelet, and then fish around inside the tube until the OTHER end falls off the eyelet inside the end of the tube.


To reinstall, reverse the process. I generally found that it took about 5 minutes to get the hook back on at the bottom of the tube, and then another couple of minutes fighting with the needle nose pliers to get the hook over the eyelet on the rudder.


I can't imagine them falling off by themselves, given how hard it is for me to get them either on or off.

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Sadly my plane isn't a Cozy, or an EZ. I added winglet rudders to a Defiant, and I don't remember what plans (if any) I used, but there is no hook at the back of the spring tube. The spring disappears into a block of wood at the back of the tube. I guess I am forced to try plan "A", making a holesaw :(

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