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Pre-purchase advice?


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I've found a Long EZ for sale here in Australia and am going to have a look at it this coming weekend. I know nothing about them except what I've picked up on the internet. I travel long distances to remote places here in Australia and the fuel efficiency for speed and range/ purchase price equation of the Long really appeals. I know I'll have to stick to lengthy sealed runways but that shouldn't be a major problem most of the time.


My question is, what should I be looking for at the pre-purchase inspection?

The a/c in question was built in '88 and has 200 hrs on a 2nd life engine.(O-235)

Are there any structural issues with a plane this age?

If I do in fact buy it, where do I find a cruise prop? It has a climb prop on at the moment?

Thanks in advance,


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I am a recent buyer of LE N350JK and I have a few suggestions for you.

1. The LE is a great traveling airplane. You can expect 150kts cruise on 5 ½ GPH with the O235. Fly in it to make sure it does this.

2. Watch the weight. My airplane is very heavy @ 1050#; about 900# is more like it.

3. Some good mods to have are:

a. In cowl exhaust

b. RAM air intake

c. Electronic ignition

d. Fuel injection (Ellison is common)

e. NACA air intake

4. As far as the prop goes, make sure you get good takeoff and climb performance. You can run the O235 at 2900 in cruise if needed.

5. Check the gear attach points, both the glass strut and aluminum “L” brackets for stress, wear and cracks.

6. Lift the nose slightly and check the nose strut for slop side to side


Other than that, I would look at anything you might with any other airplane. Also check the surface with a coin for delaminations. Tap along and you’ll hear a noticeable difference (hollow sound) if there is any.


I am by F A R not an expert on these airplanes, just my suggestions.


Regards and good luck,


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It would probably be a good idea to order the TERF CD which contains the construction data on this and other Rutan A/C. That way you can get familar with how the plane is constructed and what to look for. Check with other flyers as they will be able to advise you on what to look for or maybe even know things about the particular a/c you are looking at.

Nathan Gifford

Tickfaw, LA USA

Cozy Mk IV Plans Set 1330

Better still --> Now at CH 9

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