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Time for an intro.

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Hello Group,

I have posted on this site a couple of times before but for the most part I have just been in the background for the past year or so. Circumstances in my life - strike then loss of job- prevented me from making a commitment to build. Things are looking better now, I belive that the Lord's providence has opened a door for me and I have just been hired by the school district in my hometown. I start this coming Wenesday, March1,06.


My name is Bruno Caron I am 49 years old and I reside in Kimberley British Columbia Canada and my occupation is HVAC/R mechanic. Last week I purchsased on E-Bay an original, unused set of VariEze plans. I finaly decided that it was time to stop dreaming about building and owning a plane and to do something about it.


I am not a pilot but I have a lot of hours in airplanes and as far as I can remember I always wanted to fly. I am hoping to start pilot training sometimes this spring....


I have no experience with the fabrication of composite materials. In order to change that I looked around in my area for a palce where I could get some hands on training. I have made arrangement to go to Vancouver, for a month, at the British Columbia Institute of Technology to train with their ongoing AME-S class in " Aircarft Structures Composite Fabrication and Repair module. The course runs from March 27,06 to April 21, 06. I thought that this would give me a good start. I have also purchased the Rutan video and book on composite construction. Very intersting.


I must mention here that I was very pleased last week when I found out that my new boss would allow me to take a month off without pay to attend this course. I talked to him two days after I was told by human resources that I had the job and he was quite agreable to let me go.


So I will go to work for the next 3.5 weeks and then unto Vancouver which is a ten hour drive from home. But I guess that is enough for now about me I do not want to write a book here today.


I would like to end buy expressing my gratitude for all the builders and the builders want to be- like me- who have posted on this group over the years as well as those that have their own websites. Thank you for your time and effort to pass on your knowledge to people like me. It is because you where willing to take the time and share your experiences that I am taking steps today to build an airplane. Thank you also to Jon for keeping this site going.


One last statement before I sign off... I think that Canard airplanes are the nicest looking aircrafts around.



Bruno Caron

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