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Parts Suppliers Update

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As promised I have been keeping the webpage of suppliers updated (folks that suppliy parts that Brock's used to).


Suprisingly this list is starting to fill in quickly. If you are looking for parts that Brocks used to supply for the Cozy, Long Ez or Vari-EZ, check it out again.


I have been focusing on the Cozy community primarily because that is what I am building but have had a ton of questions from the Long and Vari community.


Because of this I have started asking the new suppliers about providing the Long and Vari parts as well. While I haven't stated tracking those parts formally I have started asking suppliers about them and have found that some of them might be willing to provide parts in the near to mid future.


If you supply any of the parts for the Cozy, Long or Vari EZ that Brocks used to supply, email the part number and your contact information and I'll post it here for you.


The webpage can be found here:




Builders, email me if you are interesed in the Vari and Long stuff and I'll send you what I have so far.


Now get back out in your garage and do some work! :-)




Nathan Wolfe

Nathan Wolfe


Cozy IV #1260

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