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Brock's Parts Supply - PLEASE READ

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We all started this plane for our own reasons, but one of mine was because It didn't rely on any single point (largely) for parts. Recently our supply chain for some of the parts required to finish our beloved projects has been jeopardized by Brock's Manufacturing closing its doors.


Because of this I would like to put forth a group effort to re-source those parts. I have started a web page found here:



This page lists all of the parts that I am aware that Brock's supplied for our projects and alternate suppliers. As you can see there is quite a list of parts that still need a source.


If you are a supplier of the part, supply an assembly that contains many of these parts or are a builder that knows an alternate source for parts or a method that is documented to get around the need for the part; please email me that information and I will place it here so that everyone can reference it.


I will update daily until I can complete the list. This will be much easier using the knowledge of the group and the expertise of the manufacturers to tell us the best place or method to replace what is needed.


I sincerely look forward to doing my part to protect our supply chain and hope that you all will help me in this effort.


My warmest Holiday Wishes to Everyone,


Nathan Wolfe



Nathan Wolfe


Cozy IV #1260

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