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Catto propeller cudos

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Just wanted to give a hearty recommendation to Craig catto of Catto propellers. As some of you remember, I had an airflow restriction on my IO-360 a couple of years ago that I just didn't know existed and I attributed the low power to an overly pitched prop. Craig will adjust the pitch for no cost on one of his props, so I sent it back and the difference was just what I needed. That is until I found the real source of my low power (the airflow restriction). I've flown about 20 hours since fixing the airflow restriction but the prop is obviously not pitched enough and I am constantly pulling the throttle back to keep it under redline. I spoke to Craig yesterday (11/28/05) prepared to buy another prop when he informed me he could adjust the prop back to the higher pitch! He didn't promise he could get everything back, but he said 100-150rpm was possible. Wow, I'd never heard of that before. So, first of the year I'm sending it back to be re-pitched yet again, only this time to get more pitch.


I just thought that any of you looking for a prop ought to know that Craig is a great help and makes a great product. I'd highly recommend him.

Brian DeFord

Cozy MK-IV N309BD 'Blonde Streak'

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