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Jabiru Engines


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Hello everyone, I have been reading about Cozy for a good while now - better part of a year - If i may I woul like to ask a question??? Give me your thoughts on this possibility;a Cozy MKIV equipped with a Jabiru 5100, 180 Hp. engine... has anyone gone that route before. I would appreciate your insights.





Bruno Caron

British Columbia


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Larry Hill of Muskoka, Ontario installed a Jabiru 5100 in his Cozy, and has been test flying it. I don't know him personally, but have been following his exploits on the Cozy Builder e-mail list. Unfortunately his last update was back in mid-August.


The gist of his setup is that he got the 5100 in 2003, and spent a lot of time engineering everything, as nothing exists commercially to install this engine in any pusher. He could mount it more rearward, as it is lighter than the standard Lycoming, and it is smaller in width, so there was plenty of room to install it under the cowls.


I think there are a few others doing this too, but nobody has trumpeted their success or failures yet.


-- Len

-- Len Evansic, Cozy Mk. IV Plans #1283

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Hi Len, thank you for your reply, I know that Jabiru has been developing firewall forward packages for various types of aircraft and they advertise on their web site that there are more to come in the future. Perhaps if there is a demand for it they possibly could offer Cozy packages. Anyway this engine got my attention for a number of reasons and I wanted to find out if it had been accepted by Canard builders. Thanks again Len.





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Have toured the factory of the manufacturer in Bundaberg Queensland, and very spiffy it is. Each part is milled out of solid steel or alloy blanks and nothing is stockpiled (other than accessories, mags & carbs etc). Most parts are common to the smaller engines.


They have shipped 15 engines (as at July), 2 to North America for the Cozy. They have a mount for the Cozy, the fibreglass cooling thingies and that is about it.

Mark Spedding - Spodman
Darraweit Guim - Australia
Cozy IV #1331 -  Chapter 09

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Hello Mark, interesting post thanks. While browsing I have come across a site that may be of interst to potential Jabiru engine owner's as well as others. It is an elctric heat de-icing system for carbs. Check out this web site.






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