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Anyone know if Ray Parker has flown his VariEze yet?


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Does anyone here know if Mr. Ray Parker of Cincinnati, OH has flown his new VariEze yet? (A "Last Of The First" as he described it.) I am having trouble getting in touch with him since our meeting at Oshkosh. Bound to be moved to the Models/Sims area, this post is in regards to my promise to him to get an updated VariEze for X-Plane v8 to him before his first flight. I have been lazy and distracted. I wish him the best and a safe first flight, and I wanted to help with this as much as possible. Being unable to get a ride in a Cozy, in order to practice the approach and landing phase under experienced guidance, I am convinced that X-Plane made a crucial difference despite my woeful lack of hours and experience, and helped me bring the plane back unscathed that first time. Anyone?

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