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Noob Looking For Test Flight

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I am considering buying a cozy MARK IV, and of course I wanted to see if there was anybody in the Riverside/Corona/Chino area that has one. I am also willing to drive/fly farther. I am willing to pay my Pro-Rata Share ;) especially with the gas prices. I am 6'1" 250lbs(and on a diet) and I want to see how comfortable it would be for me. I have heard nothing but good about the Cozy and it's support. I have been reading and studying all the forum's and references on the plane for the last 3 months, and feel it will be a good match for me and my family, I just need to try it on for size. I can be contacted by email cfi@aandn.org this email notifies me via cellphone.





More RIGHT Rudder, MORE RIGHT RUDDER!!!! :scared:

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I am considering buying a cozy MARK IV, and of course I wanted to see if there was anybody in the Riverside/Corona/Chino area that has one.....

There are (AFAICT) 8 or so flying COZY's of one flavor or another in the greater L.A. area. One in Tehachapi, one in Rosamond, one up near Barstow, a couple in the Compton area, and a few out on the southern side of the San Gabriels (Cable, Chino, etc.).


We're planning on having a COZY get together up at the Big Bear airport (L35) on Saturday, Oct. 22nd, for breakfast - if we're lucky, there will be 4 - 8 COZY's there. You're certainly welcome to come and check them out - I can't guarantee a ride, especially at 250 lb. and 6800 ft. elevation, but you can try them on for size, and talk about simple mods for larger folks (6' 1" is no problem, but 250 lbs is getting on the large side [although my CFII was 240 lbs and 5' 9", and we were able to squeeze into my plane, which is set up for smaller folks]).


If you're seriously thinking about buying an already flying COZY, you'd be well served to be on the COZY mailing list - most of the 8 flyers in the LA area are on the list (as are ~70 other COZY flyers and ~250 builders). You should also join the canard-aviators mailing list, as well as the Central States Association (paper quarterly newsletter).


There is one COZY that's for sale in the Phoenix area at this point, and possibly one on Long Island, NY. Generally, about two to five COZY's change hands every year.


Contacting me via email at the address listed below is the most likely way to elicit a response.

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