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HF radio on composite A/C


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Just wondering if many people have fitted HF radios to their composite aircraft.


I figure that there must be some considering some of the long distant flights/records that are attempted in various canards. Just don't seem to hear very much about it.


With the aircraft I work on (military) they are not allowed to fly any great distance over water unless they have at least one HF.


Due to the power output of the HF radio are there concerns of fitting the antennas in the skin of wings and a like. I know in the publications I work to there are all sorts of associated warnings and cautions pertaining to safety distances due to the power of the radio. All of these distances would put the occupant of any canard well inside the danger area and I am sure would give a warm fuzzy feeling over time (not good).


This is only a quey just out of interest sake and I am not looking at fitting one to an aircraft, purely curiosity.



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Dave Lind (ex-Long-EZ) and possibly two others have made flights between CONUS and Hawaii. Dave trailed an HF antenna from on eof his winglets. I think I recall him installing a mechanism to reel it out/in. You might want to ask this question to the canard av list, or contact Central States' Terry Schubert.

Wayne Hicks

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