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Workshop Temperature


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I have just received my plans # 1378 for the Cozy Mk IV. I am still getting my garage set up as a workshop. Do I need to air condition down to the 75-85°F that I have heard? It can reach the upper 90°F easily and can exceed 110°F when closed up during the day. I am not asking as much for comfort as I am for the quality of the epoxy layups?



Mike Garmon

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Short answer: No. John Slade built his plane on his patio in S. Florida. :yikes:


IMHO 75-85°F is ideal for doing layups because the epoxy will cure at a favorable rate. At higher temps, you really have to move fast (unless you use one of the epoxies which have fast and slow hardeners. Then you can adjust the cure time for you speed and conditions.)


That being said, you CAN run into layup quality problems trying to work in too cool of a temp.

"I run with scissors."


Phase One Testing


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