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Why avoid Counterweighted Lycomings?


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In the Cozy IV plans, chapter 23, page one, the 'Engine Selection' section talks about the recommended Lycoming engines. I am curious why there is advice against models with the '6th and 8th order counterweights'. Is there a problem with these engines that make them unsuitable for the Cozy?



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Here's what the Lycomoing rep at Oshkosh told me:


The 6th and 8th order counterweights are included on some constant speed prop applications to minimized the harmonic interactions between the prop and the engine. These counterweights must be tuned, i.e. installed very correctly. Else, they can get out of whack a bit and exacerbate the problem.


Otherwise, they simply add weight.


I have an IO-360 with the 6th and 8th order counterweights. I asked if I should remove them altogether. The Lyc rep said no, leave them in there.

Wayne Hicks

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