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newbie with questions

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I am thinking of building a Canard type airplane, Not sure of a few things, maybe someone can answer a few questions.

How do you ground manuver your plane? is there a dolly for the front?

Where can I find the cockpit dimensions for a Long ez?

Is there room for a second control stick and a few instrument in the back seat of a Long ez?

What is the useful load of a typical Long ez with a n O-235 Engine?

What is the Vne for a Long ez?

Also how much baggage space is there? and where is it?


Thanks, I trying to get some answers I know my wife will ask? She loves to fly with me, but I have an AA5, so we sit side by side. Thanks, Steve

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Hi and welcome


To get around on the ground, simply pick the nose up and push a little.


I don't have the exact dimensions but an average guy will fit into the fron cockpit quite nicely. I'm 5'9" and 220 lbs ( little old round guy ) and it is quite comfortable. In the front, the rudder cables are adjustable so a taller person will be comfortable.


In the back, I have an airspeed and altimeter for the passanger to look at. There is also a second control for pitch and roll only. Some rig extra throttle cables back there as well. Rudder pedals would be a challenge.


Mine is 860 lbs empty with a rated 1475 lb gross with an O-235. I have flown at 1550 without too much of a problem. Vne is up around 195 kts.


Check out EZ.com and you will find some nice cockpit shots from the pictures on the cover photos.




Baggage in under the front and back thigh supports, in the roll-over structure,

areas to the sides about 8 to 10 ' deep that run from the front cockpit to about a third of the rear cockpit. There is also a space in the rear seat and behind the rear seat. All of this is for small canvas carry-on type baggage. Just stuff them into the available areas.


Sone one else may give you more exact details but this should be good rough-idea information.

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